System Operation Of Nurse Call Bell System

The Nurses Station Console and Indicator Panels shall be used to monitor the complete system. The system works on single light indicator system with an audio alarm provision. Each patient bed is connected with the nurses station console to indicate the bed number on the assistance required by the patient, with simultaneous audio visual alarm on the nursing station indicator panel. The patient is able to make the call either from the hand call Button or from the bed side switch or toilet emergency switch.

This system is provided with a single red color light system on the patient bed, on the corridor indicator and a digital display indicator on the nursing station.


  • In the normal conditions all the lights will remain OFF.
  • When the patient presses the Call Bell Push Button the indicator at bedside, corridor and indicator panel at the nursing station will start FLASHING with a soft musical tone for a short duration and audible alarm will be repeating every 30 seconds or for req. time till the call is accepted or cancelled by the nurse.
  • As the Nurse accepts the call at the nursing station, all the indicators will be steady ON.
  • On attending the patient call, the Nurse will cancel the call by pressing the cancel button on the bedside module, and all the indicators will be OFF.

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